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    The smart solution to dumb technology.
    Give us your tired new gadgets,
    and we will give you NEW! Exciting! NEW! gizmos.

Trading Dumbstones

We encourage the community to trade their secure tokens with each other.
Upcycle your secure tokens on an open market like Etsy. And check out our awesome Dumbstones for sale in our Etsy shop!

Dumbstone Secure Token and Instruction Card! With sparkle Charm!

This secure token comes pre-programmed to deliver a French Macarone. Simply visit our secure form and enter the six emojii's to receive your free macroon.

Dumbstone Secure Token and Instruction Card! With sparkle Charm!

Use our secure form and enter the six emojii's and help nourish our secure secondary markets. Which are based on trust!

Wearable Upcycler! Dumbstone Technology Toy!

This totally non-programmed Dumbstone is suitable for use corresponding to any single instruction. Use it to get a new pair of socks if you want!

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Wearable Support

We love wearables! Sometimes, once a battery dies and a bit of electronics sits in a box too long, we forget how to use it. Uh O! Don't worry! We provide instructions.

Wearable Identification

Our trained experts are able to identify wearables, by using our exclusive detection doggie who stops and nibbles on any sort of watch.

Wearable Bedazzling

Once our team identifies your object as a wearable, it is constantly bedazzled and used by our user experience designers.
The instructions are printed on a card and the new improved wearable is returned to the owner upon request.

The future is coming.

The internet of things is looming on the horizon, just like a terrible idea.
Imagine an infinity of beach pebbles...
all controlled via your smart {haha} phone.

What do we do?

We understand your troubles and can easily fix them.
We perform extensive analysis on alleged wearables and transcribe a unique Emoji instruction card for your device.

Any Device At All!

We love challenges! As long as your device seems to have electronics inside, we are down to figure out what it does.

Advanced Security Features!

We use cutting edge image processing algorithms to create an indestructable bond between the Emoji instruction card and your device. We test it by destroying a device and seeing if the card goes too.

Covered in Bedazzles!

Our industry leading experts always attach atleast one extra crystal to any wearables. More sparkle is always better.

If you can figure out one wearable.
You can figure out everything.

- Believe Us -




8 +/- 4


0for now


Meet the Experts

We have no idea what we are doing.
Most of the experts are trained engineers
They have a strong instinct to seek blinking lights. This is how they know things work.

    White Rose

    / Technical Director

    I developed my engineering aptitude as a worldwide Caesar 3 champion player.

    Ivan Bercovich

    / Senior Software Something

    If you need to find the best developer and engineer ever. You can, once you meet me.

    Miss Violet

    / Communications

    I wear so much connected jewelry that I routinely am unable to type because of all of the gizmos attached to my head, wrist, arms and also ankle. I do see all of the messages I am receiving.

    Log N

    / Beta Tester

    Can I eat this?




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Amazing & Unique Wearables

Our service is one of a kind.
We transform your alleged wearables,
in to something you physically long for.

Exchange your Secure Tokens!

Get a totally different wearable by uncycling!

  • Add a jewel to your token and resell!
  • Get an Instruction Card and make new tokens to re-sell!
  • Buy a new wearable using your Instruction Card!

Instruction Cards

The instructions for each Dumbstone are unique. We print the emojii instructions on a card just for you.

  • Printed on a real paper
  • Available as temporary tattoo
  • Text your emojii string to 1 (413) 889-3023
  • Absolutely impossible to understand!

Risk Management

Hey Investors! Before betting it all on the next LED necklace, why not minimize your risk and check out our market floor packages???

  • Stable Secondary Market
  • Pretty Jewelry that sells
  • Wearables made of Precious Metals
  • Bluetooth watevers

Sparkling, glittering and interconnected technology that has the amazing power to make you feel always loved and connected. Who wouldn't want to try out a gizmo.

Latest News

We report on the latest discoveries in wearable fun and functionality.
We work so hard inventing new uses for technology, that we have to take naps all the time.

Long Range Love

We just received this alleged wearable into our inventory. The original owner claims the pair are intended to communicate reminders from one bracelet wearer to the other.

Extra Sparkly and very tangley pair

The original owner purchased these two bangles with the intent of wearing the pair with a matching outfit. Unhappy that when the bangles were placed on the wrist it became impossible to use the STONE watch, the bangles were sent to Dumbstone for analysis.

Extremly clear and useful instructions

We have completed development of our exclusive and unique instructions. So far children as young as 6 are able to successfully create instructions for identified wearables.

Last Collection

Unlimited, unique things that are super connected to the internet of things.
We take your useless wearables and give you pretty and fun tokens, each which includes a unique and one-of-a-kind instruction card.

Gizmos we have or want to Bedazzle.

  • Dylan Woziackibc

    Web Authority and King Meme

    I just wanted to tell you how amazing life is since I had all of my Gizmos fixed by dumbstone.com
    - Now I understand everything!
    The joy and excitement of trading my instruction cards on the secondary markets is better than the high I get from taking a bubble bath!

  • Diane Pierre Von Gutenberg

    Individual and Independent Type

    I used to be so lazy about shopping online, until I received my first Dumbstone! Now I trade online all day and sell just as much from my own shop!

  • Galt John

    Engineer, inventor, philosopher

    I felt oppressed by technology until I became a independent of dumbstone.com.
    After I bedazzled my first alleged wearable I regained faith in humanity.
    Now I know that math really is the answer to Everything, as long as it's done in binary.


Find answers to your questions about common wearables.
We tell the truth.
You can trust us.

Where do we mail useless wearables?

Send the wearable to:

  • Dumbstone.com
  • PO BOX 80636
  • Goleta CA 93119-9998

Thanks for trusting dumbstone.com

What are we doing?

Trading your useless wearables... How?

  • (Optional) Buy a ready-made wearable mailing kit.
  • (1) Mail your wearable to us
  • (3) Receive a secure token and instruction card
  • (4) Trade your token until you want a device back
  • (5) Send in a secure token and instruction card
  • Get a more function than before and now bedazzled wearable

What about security?

There is none. The world is a dark and dangerous place.

Use a piece of paper and write your wearables password down if you are worried that we won't be able to get into its data.

But don't worry, it's highly likely that we can get through nearly any sort of attempted protection.

Before we even figure out how to turn in on, we run the wearable through special technology that destroies any nudies. Sorry about the lost memories!

Sparkling, glittering and interconnected technology that has the amazing power to make you feel always loved and connected. Who wouldn't want to try out a gizmo.

Contact Us

Miss Violet handles all communications. We keep her in a box constantly surrounded by all of the wearables she uses to communicate.
If our contact form does not work, try sending yourself a message. If we have your device in our possession and have fixed it eneough so that it can communicate, we will update you on its status.

  • PO BOX 80636, Goleta CA 93119-9998
  • hmmm... Phone Numbers...
    Just send us your device and then call yourself.